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Pearl charm paved with purple crystals and steel by SoCharm

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Pearl charm paved with purple crystals and steel by SoCharm
Pavé of sparkling crystals.

Stainless steel (guaranteed nickel free).

Dimensions: 13 to 14 mm.

Compatible with brands Pandora, Chamilia, ...

Pearl charm SoCharm imagine and create your own jewelry!

Explore endless creative possibilities with our collection of SoCharm branded stainless steel beads. The Pearl pavé with blue crystals and steel Charm model from our collection is designed to add a totally glamorous touch to your all-natural feminine elegance. You can infinitely combine these pearls and develop this collection according to your tastes and the events of your life because each model is a story in itself. There are so many styles to choose from and so many pretty colors to add variety and change your style as you wish. Our pearls will give shine to your outfits thanks to their quality, beauty and shine. A collection with diverse and varied themes and shapes that will give you the inspiration to compose your own jewel, your own story to give your looks a unique and daring aspect. Browse our selection of SC Crystal beads to find your style and create your jewelry, whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, that will remain unique and personal. Our beads are compatible with the Pandora and Chamilia brands.

Avec votre bijou SoCharm, pensez à le proteger dans son ÉCRIN ou la POCHETTE CADEAU pour offrir
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  • Garantie 2 ans Garantie 2 ans
  • Livraison gratuite Livraison gratuite

Thanks to the SoCharm brand charms, you can compose your own jewel. You can write your own story, the story of your life. All Charms will have special meaning for you. Our collections are fully compatible with Pandora brand jewelry.

The SoCharm watch and jewelry collections stand out for the originality of their designs. They are inspired by timeless shapes and subjects as well as the wonders of our world. Nature, the plant and animal world but also jewelry with geometric shapes are our main sources of inspiration.

The SoCharm brand is a French brand characterized by models of natural elegance. All our models are characterized by a timeless mix of styles. The originality of our brand is its responsiveness to get closer to major fashion trends, either by drawing inspiration from the influences of great designers, or by deviating from them with creativity and daring.

Since 1999 SoCharm has been innovating, inventing, creating collections with the aim of emphasizing, enhancing and magnifying the femininity, elegance and beauty of women. The SoCharm brand has developed over a large number of distribution channels, both in retail stores and with big names in distribution, but also with an assertive presence of our collections in online sales. The SoCharm brand has become international with a main focus of development in Europe but also in Asia and North America.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Also, we produce our collections with an extremely demanding quality charter. Although we offer a 2-year after-sales warranty which fully applies to manufacturing defects, our warranty cannot cover models used outside of the usual precautions. For any request and additional information, do not hesitate to contact the SoCharm after-sales service.

The bohemian crystals that we use on this SoCharm creation are carefully selected for the quality of their clarity, shine and transparency. Our jewelry and watch collections deserve the best quality and we attach great importance to them.


Tous les bijoux So Charm sont fabriqués avec soin et avec les meilleurs matériaux mais restent très délicats. Un soin particulier est nécessaire. Veuillez respecter les instructions d'entretien suivantes :
- Conservez votre bijou dans l'emballage d'origine ou dans une pochette douce afin d'éviter les rayures.
- Évitez le contact avec l'eau Retirez le bijou avant de vous laver les mains, de nager et/ou d'appliquer des produits (par ex. parfum, spray pour cheveux, savon ou lotion) qui pourraient endommager les métaux et réduire la durée de vie du revêtement métallique, entraîner une décoloration et une perte de brillance du cristal.
- Évitez le contact avec les objets durs (par ex. les chocs contre des objets) qui peuvent rayer le métal ou ébrécher le cristal.
- Polissez fréquemment votre bijou avec un linge qui ne peluche pas afin de préserver son aspect brillant d'origine.